We are a company in the agricultural sector with over 30 years of experience, located in the Mexican highlands in the Highlands of Jalisco. 

Our main focus is the production of pigs, eggs and cattle, known for our high productivity, quality and great vocation in livestock production with the implementation of the best techniques in sustainable development in our activities.

Our vision is to meet the quality expectations of our customers in the domestic and international markets and to continue our contributions with the supply of our products in accordance with increasing future demands. 

Our mission is to produce pigs, eggs and cattle of the highest quality, with the intention of providing the best nutritional value for the consumer, promoting the integral human development of all participants in the production chain. 

- At GENA AGRICULTURE we have the highest quality genetics, using the most innovative techniques in the development of our activities. 

We distinguish ourselves by our efficiency in high genetics (lines of excellence in genetics). We have strict control of production costs, with highly capable personnel ensuring the quality and availability of our products. We have wide distribution channels with a presence in commercial supermarkets, packing and meat-processing chains.

Production Capacity

- 96 Ton/day in Abattoir 

- 30 Ton/day in cutting and deboning

Product Safety Systems

- HACCP in the slaughter area 

- Good Manufacturing Practices 

- POES (Standard operating procedures for sanitation)

Traceability system(s)


Sustainability processes

One of our major commitments is sustainability, we have processes such as generation of methane gas, use of solar water heaters for general services of theplant and breeding stock to meet market needs.



Commercial Name


Company Name




Corporate Address

Morelos 701, Col. San Antonio El Alto, Tepatitlán De Morelos, Jal. Cp. 47640

Factory Location(s)

Km 7 Carretera Tepatitlán – Tototlán


+(52) 378 78 88 820

+(52) 378 12 14 069



José Alfredo Gutiérrez García