Material (4 servings):

Mexican pork loin meat (sliced) 240 g (30 g × 8 pieces)
Dry apricot 5 g
Dried plum 5 g
White wine 10 g
Cabbage 100 g
Tomato sauce 120 g
Salt Appropriate amount
Pepper appropriate amount
Wheat flour a little
Butter a bit

How to make

Dried apricots, dry prunes are pickled in white wine and then cut into 5 mm squares. For each "dried fruit winding", use two thin slices of roast meat. Put salt and pepper in two pieces of loin meat and involve (1). Coat (2) with wheat flour and bake in a frying pan with a small amount of oil so as not to burn. Shred the cabbage to 5 mm and fry in butter. (3) in half and serve in dishes, (4) and tomato sauce.