One of the guidelines that our Board of Directors at GRUPO OJAI has marked is that we work with a spirit of responsibility towards the communities where we operate, following this guideline we have designed an action plan in four areas:

1Quality of life in the company

2. Business Ethics

3. Community Engagement

4. Care and preservation of the environment

We’re very proud to say that as a result of this, last year (2016) Grupo Ojai was granted the Empresa Socialmente Responsable award. For the conscious and consistent compromise of comprehensively fulfilling the purpose of the company, internally and externally, thus contributing to the construction of a public good. This distinction makes us participants of an integral business view as a part of our culture and business strategy, implementing management that is responsible and always improving.

Also, following these guidelines, at the close of 2016, Grupo OJAI installed a 496 kW Photovoltaic Solar System in its 227 TIF Plant for Pork Processing in order to generate electric power in a sustainable way, 15.5 million pesos were invested between the company and the government into this project.

·      The Solar Park is connected to the Comisión Federal de Electricidad’s power supply and is capable of producing 876,034 kWh a year, which represents 11% of the total power consumption of this Plant.

·      The system has 1,640 Solar Panels and 21 inverters in a ¾ acres area.

In one year, the generation of sustainable energy will allow us to reduce 465 tons of CO2 emissions into the environment.