From Sonora MEXICO to Asian markets: RICER

RICER® is a vertically integrated company that produces high quality pork meat; it owns 100% of its farms, and has new slaughterhouse and cutting room facilities.

The company obtained the TIF Certification in March 2015, and has recently expanded this certification to its cutting and deboning facilities.


Its facilities feature:

·       Highly sensitive metal detection systems

·       High safety operational standards in each process

·       Historic records for traceability

·       Electrical stunning according to individual animal characteristics 

·       Continual innovation and latest generation technology and machinery

·       Warning systems through all our production process

·       Cold warehouses and processes automated remote controls

·       Isolated packaging area and individual box dosage  

RICER® is ready to begin exporting to Asian markets, and just participated once more in FOODEX JAPAN 2017, to build business relationships with important Japanese companies.