Guanajuato obtains meat export certificate to Japan

SAGARPA delivered the certificate to export pork to Japan to CICABA, being the first Bajío company to export to that country.

The state governor, Miguel Márquez Márquez , supervised the installations of the Cajnicas del Bajío ( CICABA ). As part of this visit, SAGARPA delivered the certificate to export pork to Japan , being the first company of the Bajío to export to this country.

"It is a pleasure to be here, in a company of local producers, who have dared to be competitive, and theur vision now leads them to export to Japan," said the President.

Márquez Márquez recognized all the personnel of CICABA, a company headed by Benjamín Gutiérrez. The certification was delivered by the state delegate of SAGARPAVictor Hugo Pineda Martínez .

"You, represent the sector that is the present and future of Guanajuato and Mexico , therefore , we must promote and protect our agri-food industry that has proven to be competitive and the example is the Bajío Cistern Industrialization Center ," he added.

"The Guanajuato producers are visionaries, that's why more and more people join in the conquest of new markets in the world," said Márquez Marquez .

The company is a national leader in slaughtering, dismantling, comercialization and distribution of pork in natural state, and the production of value-added products as well.

The Corporate Director of CICABA , Benjamín Gutiérrez Espindola , highlighted :

"We are the first TIF trace of the state to obtain export certification to Japan. Currently, 2,200 pigs are sacrificed daily and we manufacture to 8 suppliers from different states of the country. "

"We have a research agreement with the University of Guanajuato and the Universidad Politécnica de Pénjamo.We are a company concerned about the environment, we builted a Wastewater Treatment Plant, and installed an anaerobic Biodigestion, the product obtained from this Biodigestion system replaces 360 thousand liters of fossil fuels annually, thus minimizing pollutant emissions to the environment ".