Norson Expands Operations At Its Facility In Hermosillo.

  • In the last 6 months Norson concluded the increase in Feed Mill capacity to 400,000 MT/yr
  • Norson has built 6 new Wean-to-Finish Farms in the prior year, and will build 3 more in 2018, for his total capacity of 62,000 sows,  assuring 100% of herd in Group Housing facilities.  
  • Slaughterhouse, Cutting Floor and Cooler Capacity represent the last phase of Expansion Plan and will be concluded in September this year
  • Norson has expanded continuously over the years in order to support customers' growth.

In September this year, Norson will complete the project to expand its industrial facility in Hermosillo, increasing its slaughter and cutting capacity by around 70%, to a total capacity of 35,000 hogs per week.  The slaughterhouse investment includes new technology, such as CO2 stunning equipment that improves meat quality and animal welfare, and automated processes in cutting floor and packaging.

The slaughterhouse and cutting floor capacity expansion are the final phases of a big expansion effort started by this important Vertically Integrated Company last year, including all the steps of hog production. 

During second half of 2017, the company invested to increase Feed Mill capacity from 220,000 to  400,000 MT/yr.  In addition, important investments were made to build new farms, and to convert existing farms into Group Housing, increasing the total capacity to +62,000 hogs, all of the spaces under  Group Housing  standards.  Included amongst the benefits it is bringing to the local communities the creation of direct jobs.

Today, forty five years after its foundation, Norson products have presence in Mexico, United States, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, and represented 94% of total exports from Mexico to China in 2017. In the last 5 months, Singapur and Canada are two new markets added to the list. 

This investment in the expansion of the plant was made to strengthen the group's ability to serve consumer markets in Mexico and around the world, following Norson´s commitment to support its customers growth.

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