Once again, MexicanPork participated in FOODEX 2018

Once again, MexicanPork participated in FOODEX 2018, the most important food and beverage event in Asia – Pacific



FoodEx Japan is the top food show in Asia-Pacific and the largest exhibition dedicated to food and beverage with over 70,000 visitors from all world, including 10, nearly 3,000 exhibitors from 79 countries showcased their products.

Japan has almost 60% of food dependency from foreign countries, so is essential that MexicanPork and Mexico presents themself in one the best fairs in the world.

The stand of Mexican Pork was located in the Mexican Pavilion promoted by SAGARPA. The Mexican Pavilion was inaugurated by the Ambassador of Mexico in Japan, Carlos Almada López, who was accompanied by Alejandra Acevez Barrera, representative of the Mexican Pork Exportes Association (MPEA); Minister of Counseling in Japan, Héctor Cortés Gómez Rueda; the Minister of ProMéxico for Asia and the Middle East, Claudio Ludlow; and the president of APEAM, Adrián Iturbide, among others.


This edition of Foodex had the participation of 70 Mexican production companies from different states of the Mexican Republic.

During the event, MexicanPork offered a tasting with the support of a Japanese chef.


GENA Agropecuaria. Extends its storage capacity.

We are pleased to inform you that we have recently expanded our storage capacity at Rastro Gena, located in Tepatitlán de Morelos, Jalisco. In order to improve brand position our product in the international market.

Two chambers with cooling bursts with a daily capacity of 60 tons have been put into operation, as well as two storage chambers for fresh and frozen products with a 300 tons of capacity.

foto 3.png
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This project has been supervised under strict compliance of the Federal Inspection Type (TIF) standard, and integrating cutting-edge technology in the freezing and refrigeration processes.

In Gena Agropecuaria we are committed to the quality and safety of our products. We innovate constantly to achieve a single objective, always provide fresh products and high nutritional value.

GRUPO OJAI acquired top technology in order to improve safety for his consumers.

In GRUPO OJAI  we recently acquired a top technology X-Ray machine for our added value products, knowing that Japanese have huge experience in this type of equipment. We decided to obtain a Japanese brand Anritsu, focusing on a free foreign material product, that will be completely safe for consumers. We use this X-Ray machine in all of our added value products. The Anritsu  X-Ray machine started to operate at our plant this year ”.

MexicanPork participó en FOODEX 2017, el evento de alimentos y bebidas más importante de Asia – Pacífico

MexicanPork participó en FOODEX 2017, el evento de alimentos y bebidas más importante de Asia – Pacífico

José Eduardo Calzada Rovirosa, Carlos Almada López, Manuel Pozo Cabrera, entre otros, presentes en la inauguración del pabellón México.     

José Eduardo Calzada Rovirosa, Carlos Almada López, Manuel Pozo Cabrera, entre otros, presentes en la inauguración del pabellón México. 


FOODEX 2017 se llevó a cabo del 7 al 10 de marzo, en Tokio, Japón.

Con el objetivo de promover e incrementar el consumo y exportación de la carne de cerdo mexicana, la industria privada a través de la asociación Mexican Pork Exporters Association (MPEA) estuvo presente en FOODEX 2017, el mejor escaparate para conquistar el mercado asiático.

Durante FOODEX 2017 se promocionó la marca recientemente rediseñada MexicanPork, con el objetivo de expandir su mercado de exportación. El rediseño de la marca MexicanPork responde a nueva etapa de la MPEA que busca llegar no solo a distribuidores, mayoristas e importadores, si no al consumidor final generando un mercado cautivo y fiel a la marca.  

Miembros MPEA    

Miembros MPEA


La agencia Awesome Stuff Inc, de Los Ángeles, California fue la encargada del rediseño y la comunicación de la nueva campaña, que pretende generar un vínculo emocional con los consumidores para obtener su preferencia ante cualquier otra marca.

Los asistentes a la feria tuvieron la oportunidad de degustar carne de cerdo mexicana de la más alta calidad,  así como, ser parte de las actividades que MexicanPork preparó para ellos, como una participación interactiva con la nueva mascota por medio un Photobooth, y una activación en la que más de 100 jóvenes participaron, que consistió en vestirse caracterizando cerditos mexicanos recorriendo el recinto y dando la bienvenida a los asistentes. El vestuario indicaba el logotipo de la marca, para que los clientes, participantes de la feria y consumidores pudieran relacionarla con carne de cerdo mexicana. 

Activación puerco mexicano en Japón.

Activación puerco mexicano en Japón.

FOODEX 2017 está totalmente dedicada a la industria de alimentos y bebida; se contó con la participación de más de 75 mil visitantes y 3 mil expositores, que brinda la perfecta oportunidad para discutir oportunidades de negocios con los participantes.

El mercado asiático es la plaza más atractiva para la comercialización de carne de cerdo mexicana, pues además de ser el más grande consumidor a nivel mundial, ofrece atractivas posibilidades a la exportación no sólo de cortes tradicionales como jamones, paleta, panceta, entre otros, sino de productos con valor agregado totalmente personalizados al mercado, los cuales son comúnmente consumidos en países como Japón, Corea del Sur, Hong Kong, Vietnam y China.

José Eduardo Calzada Rovirosa - Secretario de Agricultura, Ganadería, Desarrollo Rural, Pesca y Alimentación.    Rubén Murillo - Presidente MPEA, Alejandra Aceves - Secretaria MPEA, René Cornejo - Miembro de MPEA.    

José Eduardo Calzada Rovirosa - Secretario de Agricultura, Ganadería, Desarrollo Rural, Pesca y Alimentación.

Rubén Murillo - Presidente MPEA, Alejandra Aceves - Secretaria MPEA, René Cornejo - Miembro de MPEA.


SASA receives Walmart Acknowledgement

SASA has the acknoledgement as “Best Supplier 2015” on Perishable – Self-service category granted by the commercial chain Walmart México.


•Every year Walmart select its suppliers to recognize them whit the aim of encouraging good quality and the industry sustainability, as well as the progress of those who comply the highest standards of safety and responsible management.

•This acknowledgement that was granted to SASA is of great importance due to the requirements of the high standards of excellence and quality that the Walmart chain demands for its supply and its products commercialization.

•The acknowledgements are part of the Walmart effort to contribute to strenght its relationships with its suppliers, as its consider them to be strategic business partners and outstanding players in the economy.




One of the guidelines that our Board of Directors at GRUPO OJAI has marked is that we work with a spirit of responsibility towards the communities where we operate, following this guideline we have designed an action plan in four areas:

1Quality of life in the company

2. Business Ethics

3. Community Engagement

4. Care and preservation of the environment

We’re very proud to say that as a result of this, last year (2016) Grupo Ojai was granted the Empresa Socialmente Responsable award. For the conscious and consistent compromise of comprehensively fulfilling the purpose of the company, internally and externally, thus contributing to the construction of a public good. This distinction makes us participants of an integral business view as a part of our culture and business strategy, implementing management that is responsible and always improving.

Also, following these guidelines, at the close of 2016, Grupo OJAI installed a 496 kW Photovoltaic Solar System in its 227 TIF Plant for Pork Processing in order to generate electric power in a sustainable way, 15.5 million pesos were invested between the company and the government into this project.

·      The Solar Park is connected to the Comisión Federal de Electricidad’s power supply and is capable of producing 876,034 kWh a year, which represents 11% of the total power consumption of this Plant.

·      The system has 1,640 Solar Panels and 21 inverters in a ¾ acres area.

In one year, the generation of sustainable energy will allow us to reduce 465 tons of CO2 emissions into the environment.


One of the most important companies at an international market, with presence in the most important export markets as Japan, Korea, USA, Hong Kong, Singapore, China and under process to news market development. As well as extensive network of distribution with national coverage to wholesalers and distributors, and Boutique stores through Pacific Zone (Sonora-Sinaloa- Baja Norte-Sur). 

Norson receives national recognition

Norson, a company from Sonora dedicated to pork production and commercialization, recently received a couple of awards for the quality of its processes and business practices.

At the Ordinary General Meeting of the Consejo Nacional Agropecuario (CNA) , Mr. Jorge Mazón, president of the Board of Directors of Norson, received from the president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, and from the Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing and Nutrition (SAGARPA), José Eduardo Calzada, the Premio Nacional Agroalimentario 2016, the highest award given to companies in this sector for promoting a culture of world class quality.

The main purpose of the award is to promote better practices in Mexican agri-food companies, in order to successfully compete in national and international markets. The Modelo Agroalimentario de Calidad Total for companies evaluates the companies’ value creation for personnel, operation and clients.

This award places Norson within a select group of mexican companies recognized for their commitment to the development of the production chain of our country’s countryside, such as Grupo Lala, Bimbo and SuKarne, among others.

Additionally, the Company received the Premio Nacional de Calidad TIF, an award presented by the Asociación Nacional de Establecimientos TIF to the organizations with the best food safety practices, business management and competitiveness, for the benefit of public health and value creation for consumers.

Recipients demonstrate:

Efficiency in processes and systems

Strengthening of human capital and teamwork

Improving their market position

Developing their value network

Being leaders in terms of safety and world class management

Developing an innovative and competitive culture

Mr. Jorge Mazón commented: “At Norson we are commited to promoting the best practices of the agro-food sector in order to guarantee the efficiency of our production processes and the quality of the pork meat we provide to our consumers. This award is a testimony to the work that our collaborators do every day, which represents pride as a Mexican company and a commitment that we undertake with responsibility throughout the entire organization.”

Norson has stood out for more than 40 years in the production and commercialization of the best pork meat in Mexico and is a leading exporter to countries like Japan, South Korea, the United States, Hong Kong and recently China. It was awarded the Premio Nacional de Exportación in 2008.

It is a vertically integrated company, controlling the entire production process, from the genetics of the pigs, their food, the process and the commercialization. Thus, it has certifications such as SQF, HACCP and TIF, in addition to the international organization NSF which certifies world class processes.

For 5 consecutive years, Norson and its 2,600 collaborators have received the Empresa Socialmente Responsible (ESR) distinction for its commitment to society, sustainable growth and constant improvement, utilizing and applying clean technologies and good engineering practices for protecting the environment.