Pork Loin Meat Ginger Noodle

Material (4 servings):

Mexican pork loin meat - 200 g (sliced nto 8 pieces)
Glutinous rice 0.2
Rice 0.8
Cabbage a little

Sauce: Onion - 75g, soy sauce - 270cc, liquor - 45cc, ketchup - 45cc, vinegar - 45cc, mirin - 45cc, sugar - 37g, garlic - 8g

How to make

Slice Mexican pork and saute with flour. Cook cooked rice and rice at a ratio of 2: 8, grasp it in a cylindrical shape with a height of about 1 cm, and bake onigiri. Put boiled cabbage under (2). Stop the source in (1) and serve it on (3).