Ricer is a company dedicated to the commercialization of pig cuts with a high level of quality, offering our products to national and international markets.

We are integrated by a select and distinguished group of regional pork producers, who follow the highest standards for pig production through the same advanced livestock technology to ensure efficient, continuous and timely supply chain production. 

We are a slaughter house and cutting plant, working with a strict system of quality and hygiene in each of our processes; offering supreme quality and excellence in production. We off¬er a solid traceability system since the origin at the farms, through the process and until the finish goods. 

We are committed to efficiently providing the industrial sector and the final consumer with healthy and competitive products derived from pork, with quality, uniformity, consistency and excellence in service. 

Distribution of our products is to a retail and wholesale level, we supply both the domestic industry and major supermarkets.

Product Safety Systems


Traceability system(s)

OSystem for traceability and product recovery

Quality Control(s)

Total quality control



Commercial Name


Company Name

ABF Carnes S.A. de C.V.

Corporate Address

Carretera a la Colorada km 4.5. Int. C. Col. Parque Industrial, C.P. 83299 Hermosillo, Sonora.


(662)251 0972

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