Soles is a company that was born more than 50 years ago in the heart of the Valle del Yaqui in the Northwest of Mexico. We are currently recognized as a leading company in the domestic market by the quality of our products and compete successfully in Asia, Europe and North America.

We are an integral company which allows us complete and total control of each stage of production, from the genetic breeding of pigs to the final product, which has no comparison with the majority of packers. Our products are the freshest and highest quality offerings for our customers. They have been recognized abroad for their freshness and unique flavor since 1998, when our first container was exported to Japan. 

We have a processing factory with the capacity to slaughter and debone 1,800 pigs per day. At Soles we are proud to have vast experience in refrigerated products demanded by up to 80% of total exports. Our success is based in very strict hygiene and temperature controls, HACCP systems, and the state of our equipment for ensuring food safety. 

Soles actively carries out niche orders catering to the demands of our Japanese customers, as well as those of other countries such as South Korea, Hong Kong, the USA, and mainland China. We are very skilled and flexible for meeting the required specifications of the most demanding markets in the world, with special attention to focusing on the removal of foreign materials.


Factory No. 67



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Company Name

Proteina Animal SA de CV

Corporate Address

Calle Chihuahua #125 nte. Desp 3-B Col. Centro, CP 85000, Cd. Obregon, Sonora, Mexico


+52 644 410 7900





Victor Olea  |  Moroni Sepulveda